Speaking Requests

Kevin Donahue is available to speak at select events in the United States and Europe. An experienced English-language presenter and storyteller, Kevin infuses personal anecdotes and tales of his journeys with humor and thoughtful perspective that appeal to a diverse group of audiences. His messages of perseverance, introspection, and spiritual discovery resonate with audiences in the professional, outdoor, and faith communities.



In 2019, Kevin Donahue set off from his home in the United States to begin a pilgrimage journey spanning both years and miles, walking across continents to the ancient end of the world, to kneel at the tombs of eight Apostles.

Donahue’s first book, SACRED STEPS: A PILGRIMAGE JOURNAL, follows his pilgrimages walking through Portugal and Spain on the Camino de Santiago, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean connecting California’s Missions Trail, across England’s ancient Pilgrims’ Way, and onward towards Rome via Europe’s forgotten footpaths on a journey of soulful discovery. More than a travelogue, SACRED STEPS: A PILGRIMAGE JOURNAL is a first-hand account of a reluctant pilgrim and the people and places he finds to inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love.


CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT. Please visit www.sacredstepsbook.com for publishing information and inquiries.



Please use the form below for speaking inquiries.  Round-trip transfers, overnight room and board, and a charitable donation are requested for all speaking events. Additional arrangements may be required to accommodate scheduling.

Please note: Certain charitable and faith-based organizations may receive preferential arrangements.